Rechler Equity Partners is the largest commercial real estate company on Long Island, with a portfolio spanning 100+ properties and more than six million square feet. A family-owned company since its founding, Rechler Equity Partners has thrived with the third-generation leadership of cousins Gregg and Mitchell Rechler.

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The History of Rechler Equity

Throughout its more than 60-year history, Rechler Equity has set the standard for the ever-expanding real estate market, providing its tenants with the highest quality properties available on Long Island. The company’s expertise ranges across all aspects of the industry, including environmental and green technology, IT services, asset management and finance. Rechler Equity has affirmed its reputation for uncompromising integrity time and again, consistently personalizing projects for each community to build and maintain mutual trust and respect with tenants, lenders, vendors, civic groups, municipalities and, most important, residents in the surrounding area.

Gregg and Mitchell Rechler, as well as various members of the Rechler Equity team, serve on the boards of various local charitable and cultural organizations such as, contributing business expertise, energy, and resources to an array of important issues and programs affecting all of Long Island.

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“As the largest owner of commercial property in Suffolk County, we talk frequently with the heads of business in our region. We ask them about their toughest challenges in doing business on Long Island because a sustainable Long Island economy is important to us all. We expected complaints about the high taxes and electric rates, but were surprised to learn that most saw the biggest obstacle facing their companies was recruiting skilled young people for their key jobs. And while these jobs paid well, what the young workers most often wanted was mortgage-free upscale housing in an amenity-filled suburban setting. Little or no such housing exists on Long Island. That’s when the idea of Greybarn was born.”

We obsessed over the design of the Greybarn communities—everything from ensuring the exterior design matched an aesthetic of the historic south-shore manor homes, down to the knobs on the kitchen cabinets. In fact, we even built mock apartments inside one of our industrial properties to help us better visualize the living spaces. Every aspect of these properties is meticulously planned and every detail has a purpose.”

“We as a company strive for perfection. If something can be improved, we will go the extra mile to do it. This is the Rechler way. Similar to this is our approach to development as it always involves community input. This is something we take very seriously. We have been continuously working to build new relationships and partnerships to collect the feedback needed to provide a plan that will have the greatest possible outcome for Sayville. The evolution of the new Greybarn Sayville plan reflects our engagement with various local residents and stakeholder groups. We look forward to continuing this dialogue and fulfilling our mission create something that has nothing but a positive impact on the Sayville community. “